Building dynamic cultures of

Trust, innovation, and

Fearless Collaboration

around complex ethical issues

The Problem

Diversity promises to bring together the skills and experiences of an organization’s community to equal something greater than the sum of its parts.
With diversity comes disagreement, especially around contested ethical issues in the workplace. Diversity is a necessary building block of growth and progress. Diverse world need disagreements.
But at the margins, extreme disagreements filled with emotion and void of sound reasoning can corrode the culture institutions work so hard to foster. These unproductive disagreements can even be destructive to an institution’s appeal and reputation to lead.

thinkETHICS empowers working communities with tools for creative collaboration and effective decision making across differences

Systematic Empathy is a step-by-step method to help individuals slow down their thinking to better understand the logic and context of someone's view.

Argument Mapping disagreements uncovers hidden assumptions, faulty logic, as well as points of connection.

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Episode 1: thinkETHICS

While climbing mountains might not be a regular part of your work, weighing different values like risk and responsibility is an everyday event. Gain methods for collaboration and decision making over complex ethical issues through thinkETHICS.

Case Study: Reason about an Ethical Issue

Brands carry social influence and can change our world for better or worse, according to various agendas. Yet, does a brand simply talking about a social or political issue make any difference?
For many brands, taking a political stance is understandably a measured risk. While many consumers may want to see brands support the causes they care about, others may be alienated.

Consider one side of this ethical debate by dragging the reasons to their logical place in the map below.

Every argument map must follow the Reason Rule, which says that every claim must give a reason to believe the claim above it. Place the claims on the left in their proper place in the map by following the Reason Rule!

Episode 2: Systematic Empathy

Episode 3: Argument Mapping 101

Episode 4: Solving for Disagreements

About Us

ThinkerAnalytix is an education non-profit organization spun out of the Harvard University Department of Philosophy. Why philosophy? For philosophers, disagreement is expected, even invited, to tackle seemingly impossible problems. History shows that the best learning happens through disagreement that is inquisitive, respectful, and fearless.
We leverage thousands of years of pedagogy from philosophy and custom education technology to offer a portfolio of courses and programs that teach productive disagreement as an essential part of learning and working communities.
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